TrackerPersonal Tracking

Keep an eye on your kids, family members, employees or anyone you need to locate, using this small GPS Tracker device.

At only 68 grams and 68mm x 38mm x 23mm it takes up little space in your bag or pocket.

For Friends and Family
You can’t accompany your children when they are on school trips, sports practice or when they are at their friends’ but the Tracker can do it for you and it will report you its real-time location 24/7. The device offers up to 10 days standby time and comes ready to use and no technical background is required to start tracking your locations on the map.

Adventure / Sports use.
With its compact size and being lightweight the tracker is ideal for monitoring your whereabouts and includes International coverage to over 150 countries. For active use, it does require charging daily.

This Tracker is used on endurance running events such as the JOGLE, Malvern Hills Ultra and the Severn & Thames Challenge events.

We can set up private sub-accounts on each device so that you control who can view location data.

SOS Emergency
Each device has a built-in Panic-button which once pressed sends a text message to a preset phone number.

Viewing Data
Tracking data can be viewed easily from your PC, Tablet or Smartphone. You can choose your mapping preferences from Street Map, Satellite or Hybrid easily. Follow to just a single tracker or a group of trackers. Use the History option to see full route data in an instance.

Historical Data
The Tracker accurately records and stores your activity and previous routes on the cloud for up to 180 days.

Geo-Fence Zones
Geo-fences are virtual geographic boundaries which you can draw on the map to get notified whenever the Tracker location breaches that zone. Setting up a geo-fence zone takes only a few seconds.