About Us

Chip Timing Services was formed in 2015 by Steven Worrallo, owner and Race Director of Ultra Running Limited.

As a race organiser, you take on many responsibilities, some of which are completely in your control and others where you often need to ‘buy in a service’ through a third party provider. One such service is a chip-timing system.

Deciding which supplier to use is a bit of a minefield, especially in such a small niche marketplace, where prices can differ drastically with no real guarantee of performance at either end of the pricing spectrum.   It was such a predicament that Steve found himself in as Race Director of URL after being let down with failed promises from several suppliers.

Steve quickly realised that the impact to his events of such poor service from suppliers wasn’t acceptable and would ultimately impact on his own companies’ reputation. The need for Chip-timing at events is becoming the norm, and the reliability of supplier performance together with the investment cost just on hire charges, makes this a potential headache for any RD.

But it shouldn’t be that way:

At Chip Timing Services Ltd, we will treat all bookings with the same level of customer care, irrespective if you have 100 runners or 10,000 runners. Once you have booked with us you can be assured your booking is secure and you won’t get gazumped.

As race organisers ourselves, we understand your requirements fully and won’t let you down.